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    • Darkcoder

      Donation for Badminton Racket:
      Good evening po, gusto lang po humingi konting tulong para makabili po ako ng badminton racket for sports. Meron na po ako dito kaso kulang lang po pambili ko, any amount will do po. Thank you po! (nakakahiya po pero first time ko lang po ito gagawin, Godbless po sa inyo!)
      Gcash : 09516649090
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    • Kyo

      Kakamis tong Benlotus na maraming active 😅. How are you benlotus fam ? Balik na kayo haha
      · 5 replies
    • Juan1

      Annyeong everyone! Kumusta? Kakamiss naman dito years ago, buti naalala ko account password.  
      · 1 reply
    • L-Kira

      Bday ng anak ko today. Kahit walang wala kami ngayon okay lang basta healthy ang baby ko. Magsisimba lang kami. Sana may mag greet ng anak ko dito, masaya na ako. ☺️
      · 3 replies
    • L-Kira

      Guys.. Share ko lang. May lagnat ako now. Walang wala ako today. Walang laman Gcash ko. Di nakapagngisda ng maayos dahil sa panahon. Medyo matomal ang isda this month. Nagkasakit kasi yong anak ko. Pero salamat ni God okay na sya now. Okay lang kahit may lagnat ako basta ok na yong baby ko. Kahit walang wala, okay lang. Alam ko naman di kami pababayaan ni God. Laban lang. 
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    • MAXON Cinema 4D Studio 2023.2.0 (Mac OS X) File size: 2.90 GB Easy to learn and extremely powerful: Cinema 4D is the perfect package for all 3D artists who want to achieve breathtaking results fast and hassle-free. Beginners and seasoned professionals alike can take advantage of Cinema 4D's wide range of tools and features to quickly achieve stunning results. Cinema 4D's legendary reliability also makes it the perfect application for demanding, fast-paced 3D production. EASE OF USE Getting started in the world of 3D is a blast when you can quickly create great-looking results! Cinema 4D's intuitive and easy to understand operation and logically arranged interface makes it easy for beginners to jump right in and take control. And it never ceases to amaze professional users just how easy Cinema 4D is to use. Countless tutorials and a global, highly-skilled community play an important role in bringing beginners to a professional level of use. INTUITIVE INTERFACE Cinema 4D is a pillar in our users' everyday workflow. This is why we make sure from the start that new functions work intuitively and are exactly where users will expect to find them. The Cinema 4D layout can also be easily customized to precisely fit a user's needs and saved for later use. STABILITY Cinema 4D's stability is renowned throughout the 3D community and beyond. All new features and functions are thoroughly put through their paces by our QA and beta testers before being released. Our free service packs, which are released on a regular basis, further optimize Cinema 4D and let us rapidly respond to changes in operating systems and drivers! POWERFUL HELP SYSTEM Any questions about a specific function can be quickly answered by right-clicking on it and jumping straight to the integrated software documentation. Unpack This! If you've struggled with UVs in the past, you're going to love the new workflow advancements. With unified component modes and improved selection tools, you'll enjoy the Cinema 4D artist-centric workflow you've come to expect. If you'd rather not mess with UVs, you'll really appreciate the easy new Automatic Unwrap option. IMPROVED UV UNWRAPPING Progressively unwrap your 3D objects by pinning points, selecting edges to use as seams in either the 3D or UV window, and clicking the new UV Unwrap Command. AUTOMATIC UVs Generate automatic UVs that make the most of your texture resolution - great for baking maps for export or simply getting a jump start on the 3D painting process. Thanks to the Ministry of Flat Technology developed by Eskil Steenberg of Quel Solaar, you can generate great UVs with a single click. VISUALIZATION See your seams in the 3D view while unwrapping, easily spot distorted or overlapping elements, and visualize your UV map with the help of multi-color islands or a UV checkerboard. EFFICIENT PACKING Arrange UV islands efficiently thanks to new packing options that take full advantage of texture space. What a View! Your window to the 3D world just got better, and is ready to take advantage of tomorrow's technology. Get the best picture and clear the clutter with improved filter options. Enjoy more accurate display of shaders and improved performance with multi-instances. Full support for Apple Metal means the viewport is more than ready for modern Mac systems, and a new core architecture sets the foundation for more great things to come! GLTF EXPORT Export geometry, materials, cameras, PSR animation, PoseMorphs and Joint-based animation via GLTF for use in modern Web and Augmented Reality applications. GOZ BRIDGE Seamlessly exchange models, UVs and painted maps between Pixologic ZBrush and C4D. The workflow is a breeze - send a model to ZBrush, modify it and send it back with just one click. This new bridge supports millions of polygons, and even imports polypaint and polygroup information. NODAL MATERIALS Export a baked representation of nodal materials via Cineware or FBX, and create nodal materials when importing FBX. Additionally, your favorite third-party render engines also have the option to export a simplified version of their materials for Cineware or FBX. MODELING Modeling tools are faster and more robust thanks to a new core, but most importantly they're much better at preserving UV and Vertex Maps. ANIMATION Copy and Paste animation tracks, select splines more easily, and enjoy a number of usability enhancements to character animation tools including Spline IK and Constraints. -------------------- Patch Instructions -------------------- • Install C4D • Allow installer to launch C4D or manually launch. Quit when licensing manager opens. → Required step to create files. • Now you can use the patch installer. → Redshift license not cracked. Only genuine Redshift licence will work. → eNjoy! Supported Operation System • macOS 10.13 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor Link Download Download Via Fikper https://fikper.com/qfdObrxSeV/MAXONCinema4DStudio202320MacOSX.part1.rar https://fikper.com/mMCQD2gaIC/MAXONCinema4DStudio202320MacOSX.part2.rar https://fikper.com/4XzRFIZWCj/MAXONCinema4DStudio202320MacOSX.part3.rar Download Via Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/folder/7112549/MAXONCinema4DStudio202320MacOSX.html Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
    • Pixologic ZBrush 2023.1 Multilingual (Mac OS X) File size: 3.4 GB ZBrush is the leading industry standard digital sculpting software. This update provides enhancements that will help you explore new workflows, including the ability to create high quality renders with the integration of Redshift. From Hard Surface modeling and Character Creation to World Building and Environment Design, ZBrush provides you with access to diverse workflows and limitless creative possibilities with ease. Integrate fully GPU-accelerated, biased rendering into your ZBrush pipeline Render high resolution images without UV and Texture Map information on the fly. Take your art further with Subsurface Scattering, Emissive Light generation, full metallic material management and caustic effects for realistic glass. Using ZBrush with Redshift integration provides new and exciting opportunities to create high-quality images. Slime Bridge A dynamic way to create! Using the power of ZBrush's Masking system, Slime Bridge works to expand modeling capacity to include complex geometric connections and designs from one masked island to another. Simply draw out a mask on a given surface and create another mask on an adjacent group of faces to set your Slime Bridge parameters. Click the Slime Bridge button and watch real-time construction and eclectic shapes come to life. The Tension, Bridges Calipers and Branches sliders provide access points for even more creative control when it comes time to slime things up! Sculptris Pro Sculptris Pro, a dynamic tessellation sculpting workflow that enables you to ignore the constraints of polygon distribution and just - sculpt! Sculptris Pro makes it possible for you begin with any shape or model, whether it has ten polygons or ten thousand. There is absolutely no need to worry about having enough polygons to capture details. With Sculptris Pro you can simply brush across the surface. Sculptris Pro will dynamically add and reduce polygons wherever and whenever it's needed, freeing you to focus entirely on the look you're trying to achieve. ZBrush places a library of over 400 sculpting brushes at your fingertips. Activating Sculptris Pro will transform each of these brushes into a system that places no limitations on your creativity. ZBrush comes with a set of brushes designed specifically for Sculptris Pro. Subdivision Size Picker Additions to the already robust Sculptris Pro feature set include increased resolution capabilities. Take advantage of triangle size at five times the density. Using the Sculptris Pro slider provides control for increasing density in desired areas while also reducing the size of triangles. This means more detail where it counts. Extended use includes interactive manipulation of triangle size while hovering over designated areas of an asset. Multi-Resolution Mesh Editing The inherent problem with traditional 3D modeling methods is that once you divide your mesh you are locked into the design thus far. There is no way to go back and make changes at the macro level without sacrificing everything that has been done at higher resolutions. ZBrush does away with that restriction through multi-resolution subdivision editing, the feature for which it received an Academy Award. With this system you are free to move between subdivision levels at any time, making changes wherever they are most appropriate. Those changes then automatically ripple across all other levels of your model. Mask Region Mask Region allows for expanded use of ZBrush's robust masking system by allowing you to draw shapes on the surface of a mesh while filling those areas uniformly and independently. Selecting the Auto Region option will auto-fill your mask to complete your selection. With Analyze Region, you make multiple masking selections while ZBrush detects and fills the selected areas. Fill Region will auto-fill all areas that ZBrush detected to complete multiple mask selections at once with the push of a button. Apply Last Action The Apply Last Action to All Subtools function allows for application of material attributes, color information and any other "undoable" operations to multiple subtools inside the ZBrush Tool Palette with the click of a button. Only Subtools with the "Eyeball" icon activated/visibility turned on inside the Subtool menu will be affected. Taking this functionality further sees the addition of Folder support. The Folder "add-on" function provides you with an opportunity to manage Apply Last Action to specific folders for increased control over modeling and visual representation of assets. Grouping your subtools together into a Folder will allow you to use Apply Last Action to subtools within a currently selected folder. Link Download Download Via Fikper https://fikper.com/9jD5loxSnn/PixologicZBrush20231MultilingualMacOSX.part1.rar https://fikper.com/OfTPZdcq9D/PixologicZBrush20231MultilingualMacOSX.part2.rar https://fikper.com/AQlnkOuSdd/PixologicZBrush20231MultilingualMacOSX.part3.rar https://fikper.com/WQSuFuuSHl/PixologicZBrush20231MultilingualMacOSX.part4.rar Download Via Rapidgator https://rapidgator.net/folder/7112558/PixologicZBrush20231MultilingualMacOSX.html Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
    • The new market report titled ‘Genotoxicity Testing and Mutagenicity Testing Services Market,’ published by Roots Analysis is one of the most sought-after solutions for businesses operating in the Genotoxicity Testing and Mutagenicity Testing Services Market.   The report will help readers stay updated with the latest market trends and maintain their competitive outlooks in the modern-day fast-paced business environment. The report comes with a concise summary of the details regarding the historical market data, current market trends, future growth prospects, product landscape, key marketing strategies, technological progress, as well as the emerging market trends and opportunities. The This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up is anticipated to expand significantly. However, the latest report is mainly intended for readers interested in this specific business space and is available in the forms of PDF and spreadsheet.   To understand the complete structure of the report, get its PDF sample copy This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up   Genotoxicity Testing and Mutagenicity Testing Services Market Characterization: Market Scope and Market Size: The Genotoxicity Testing and Mutagenicity Testing Services market is broadly segmented on the basis of product type and application. The segmental growth helps the reader get a lucid picture of the niche pockets of growth, as well as the strategies deployed by the market players to drive the growth of these segments. This section of the report helps them understand and determine the core application areas and the differences between the target markets. The report scrutinizes the Genotoxicity Testing Services market in terms of market size & volume and significant information pertaining to product bifurcation and application overview. Key Market Contenders: This particular section of the report covers all the necessary details of the renowned market players operating in the Genotoxicity Testing and Mutagenicity Testing Services market. The report goes on to elucidate various marketing strategies employed by companies across this industry. Information on the shareholdings of these players in the global market has also been included in this report. Moreover, the document presents a detailed account of the market size based on geographical segmentation. It also covers the product portfolio, their application landscape, and sales and revenue predictions of the regional fragments of the global market.   The section of this report focusing on the competitive terrain of the Genotoxicity Testing and Mutagenicity Testing Services market endows the reader with every significant detail and information about the leading competitors on the market. The report provides an exhaustive study and accurate statistics on revenue (on both global and regional levels) related to the prevalent competition in the market. The report offers additional details on this fundamental market segment, including major businesses, company description, total revenue & sales, recent developments, latest product launches, and revenue accumulated by these players over the forecast period.   Main chapters covered in this report: Part 01: Market Overview Part 02:  Market Size, by regions Part 03: Market Revenue, by countries Part 04: Market Competition, by key players Part 05: Company Profiles   To view more details on this report, click on the link: This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up   You may also be interested in the following titles: This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up   You may also like to learn what our experts are sharing in Roots educational series: This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up                           About Roots Analysis Roots Analysis is a global leader in the pharma / biotech market research. Having worked with over 750 clients worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, academia, venture capitalists and strategic investors for more than a decade, we offer a highly analytical / data-driven perspective to a network of over 450,000 senior industry stakeholders looking for credible market insights.   Contact: Ben Johnson +1 (415) 800 3415 [email protected]      
    • Luminar Neo 1.7.1 (14365) macOS Language: Multilingual | File size: 5.1 GB Luminar Neo is an AI-driven creative image editor. A creative image editor to bring your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative image editor powered by AI technologies of the future that simplifies complex editing routines and enables creators to bring their boldest ideas to life. And enjoy it. Control the light in 3D space with RelightAI
Relight backlit photos or darkened images in a click with the RelightAI feature. Luminar Neo calculates the depth of a photo and creates a 3D map, making it possible to spread light naturally in 3D space across a 2D image. You can also relight the background and foreground separately - meaning you can darken parts of the image as well. This opens up an opportunity for creative relighting in order to bring your artistic vision to life. Remove messy powerlines with AI
Automatically remove distracting elements in your cityscapes, urban landscapes or travel photos. Get a clear sky with no cluttered phone or power lines. Unleash your creativity with Layers and AI Masking
Use both MaskAI and Layers for limitless creativity. MaskAI automates the masking process by identifying objects in the image and creating precise masks. You can always manually refine those masks with a brush if you choose to. Layers open up a whole new level of creative expression, with endless possibilities for adding objects, textures, watermarks, and any other graphics to your images. Replace the sky in one click
Cutting-edge sky replacement technology with water reflections, sky positioning, and human-aware relighting to match the new sky. Lightning-fast creative editing with an all-new image engine.
Designed as a module system its parts now can be optimized separately, for the best performance. Release Notes Supported Operation Systems macOS 10.14.6 or later HOMEPAGE https://skylum.com/luminar DOWNLOAD https://rapidgator.net/file/9a7cda244f8f49cef126cfa0ccdaa635/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_[TNT]_.dmg.zip.001.html https://rapidgator.net/file/fa4d9600706e483237e6989b01239a37/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_[TNT]_.dmg.zip.002.html https://rapidgator.net/file/6851664269f852c1a45a083b7ea7205e/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_[TNT]_.dmg.zip.003.html https://rapidgator.net/file/61b1b212a3b551e2abf1ae769c454279/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_[TNT]_.dmg.zip.004.html https://rapidgator.net/file/c8fd024de927ba8b971a249010940092/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_[TNT]_.dmg.zip.005.html https://rapidgator.net/file/b186a5b9d4df4716d8058491027ccde9/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_[TNT]_.dmg.zip.006.html https://uploadgig.com/file/download/f0dD448802005564/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_TNT_.dmg.zip.001 https://uploadgig.com/file/download/831A4A9F81402FaD/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_TNT_.dmg.zip.002 https://uploadgig.com/file/download/c394d20ae6452A60/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_TNT_.dmg.zip.003 https://uploadgig.com/file/download/7b2d4c99617cBA0b/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_TNT_.dmg.zip.004 https://uploadgig.com/file/download/F66ee914a616139d/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_TNT_.dmg.zip.005 https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6996af18D3ce778d/Luminar_Neo_1.7.1.14365_TNT_.dmg.zip.006
    • Adobe Substance 3D Sampler 4.1.0 macOS File size: 1.23 GB Adobe Substance 3D Sampler is a next-generation tool dedicated to material authoring, exploration, and management. Different technologies and creation methods (procedural-based, capture-based, AI-based and manual) help you manage entire material libraries and export them to other applications. Create 3D material libraries - create collections of materials by combining and tweaking existing resources, or by building new materials from photos and high-res scans. Craft a specific catalog of materials from real-world references, or simply experiment until you find results you love - in all cases, Substance 3D Sampler brings phenomenal speed and ease of use to your workflow. The material enthusiast's toolbox •1-click generators Synthetic material creation with phenomenal speed. Select a base material, and apply one of Substance 3D Sampler's filters; within seconds, you've created a complex 3D material. Use Alchemist's intuitive interface to modify to suit your personal preference. •Combine 3D materials Take existing materials, and blend them together.Craft credible combinations of complex materials: tree bark with moss, for instance, or stone with pebbles; unlimited possibilities exist. Define your blending criteria from options such as height, color, or custom masks to ensure utterly seamless blending. Great results, achieved super-fast. •Transform 2D photos into 3D materials Import a reference photo into Substance 3D Sampler. Transform it into a high-quality 3D material. The entire process takes seconds. Our machine-learning based delighter removes shadows and helps you get the best material from your captures. •Create material collections Substance 3D Sampler's collection feature helps you build vast material libraries. Use moodboards to generate many variations of your materials. Key Features: •Material blending Combine two or more materials to create complex surfaces easily. •Automatic color variation Extract colors and generate libraries of variations. •Conversion of single images to 3D materials Create a material from a single photo •Multi-angle images to 3D materials Dedicated scan-processing workflow. •Delighter Remove shadows with machine learning algorithms. •Atlas Splatter Scatter leaves, pebbles, and more, on your material. •.sbsar export Export Substance materials compatible with every 3D application out there. •Embedded filters and generators Add your own content, created in Substance Designer. ------------ An Industry Standard The Substance format works with every tool of your 3D creation workflow. Our team develops and maintains integrations with all the major 3D apps. And the Substance format is an industry standard, readable and useable in every tool dedicated to 3D. Ecosystem & Plug-ins - Integrate Substance in your Workflow • Import, tweak or export Substance files directly inside your favorite applications. Get more integrations here Release Notes Supported Operation System • macOS 11.0 or later • Intel Core processor HOMEPAGE https://www.adobe.com/products/substance3d-sampler.html DOWNLOAD https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6A4cf709713766e4/Adobe_Substance_3D_Sampler_4.1.0_HCiSO.DMG_.zip.002 https://uploadgig.com/file/download/6b3e78905da6d760/Adobe_Substance_3D_Sampler_4.1.0_HCiSO.DMG.zip.001 https://rapidgator.net/file/3453e950315b9ddb9566734078f64302/Adobe_Substance_3D_Sampler_4.1.0_[HCiSO].DMG.zip.001.html https://rapidgator.net/file/3d6f15afb2815b1a0a8f816c0bad48fe/Adobe_Substance_3D_Sampler_4.1.0_[HCiSO].DMG_.zip.002.html
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