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  1. Only 1 this time. I will post a job offer again soon for members to host games.
  2. @Kyo I will send you 2 Rare Mystery Boxes now. You can then send 1 to the winner later. ^^
  3. @Saiyan I will send you 20 BCash now. You can then send 10 bcash to your winner.
  4. I will send you 20 Bcash now. You can then send the 10 bcash to the winner.
  5. @Kyo @Saiyan @Sagarmatha You can still join each other's games.
  6. Thanks for sharing in the forum!
  7. @Kyo @Saiyan @Sagarmatha comment the links of your games here. So i could send the prizes to you. You could post your game today or tomorrow. It's up to you.
  8. Since it's a weekend we can have many active bcash games for the members to enjoy.
  9. Okay, you 3 can host. Here are the prizes: @Kyo and his winner: 1x Rare Mystery Box each @Saiyan and his winner: 10 BCASH each @Sagarmatha and his winner: 10 BCASH each
  10. LOOKING FOR: 1 MEMBER who can host a BCash Game. You and the winner of your game will get 1x Rare Mystery Box each. - Your game should be fair and square. - Rules such as content count should be applied. Only special members and up are allowed to join here. @Special Member @Elite Member @Epic Member @Forum Adept @Forum Guru @Forum Legend @Forum Master @Forum Veteran @LifetimeStreamer TO JOIN: - Just comment your idea and rules of the game you want to host. (Raffle/Competition etc) - I will then choose 1 member w
  11. Best Topic: APRIL 2021 Who can join? - Special members and up @Special Member @Elite Member @Epic Member @Forum Adept @Forum Guru @Forum Legend @Forum Master @Forum Veteran @LifetimeStreamer Instructions: - Pick 1 topic you posted during the month of APRIL, 2021. - COMMENT THE LINK HERE. - We will then choose among the entries the BEST TOPIC for MARCH. - It could be from any forum section. Criteria: Content (5pts) Is your topic: - Useful? -Unique? -A fun game? -Informative?
  12. BCASH GIVEAWAY #16 Who can join? - Members with atleast 50 forum posts. - FIRST 25 MEMBERS ONLY Instructions: - React to this post. - Comment a link of your benlotus profile and a GIF of your favorite movie/series character. - FIRST 25 MEMBERS ONLY Prize: - 10 Pesos BCASH each winner RULES: Edited comments are not allowed and will be considered INVALID. WINNERS: 1. 2. BCASH SHOP: https://forums.benlotus.com/memberssho
  13. WINNERS: 1. @zhunter09 2. @Luna Congrats! I will be sending your prizes now. ^^
  14. 1x CRUNCHYROLL PREMIUM ACCOUNT (Fan Member) - All forum members can access this account - DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD - DO NOT CHANGE THE EMAIL - Expiry: June 5, 2021 Leave a comment to see the email and password. If you need a solo Crunchyroll account, you can avail here: https://forums.benlotus.com/membersshop/ ACCOUNT DETAILS:
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