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  1. Hi! I will move this post to a different section. Please post in the correct category next time. Welcome to the forum btw! Please stay active to get free accounts like netflix. Also please read the forum rules. Thanks!
  2. why naman mo po ako nirestrict sa isa kong acc :((

    1. chrishyy


      Bawal po double account dito. Magbasa ka po ng rules

    2. dontbanmepls


      oum nga po,kaso bawal nako magreply don sa luma ko e:(

    3. Cosmic


      Pakibasa ang Simple Forum Rules. Last chance mo na eto. 


      Have a good day.


  3. Extend ko po netflix ko ng 3months

    Tsaka may YT Premium din po ba kayo?

  4. No duplicate accounts. @swswsw @tooshy
  5. Good morning, Benlotus!

    Have a nice day!  💙

    Happy Good Morning GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

  6. Netflix Shared Account: (5 SLOTS) REQUIREMENT: You need at least 50 forum posts to join this game. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. React to this post. 2. Tag 1 ELITE MEMBER and comment a screencap of their benlotus profile. - You can ONLY ANSWER ONCE. - You cannot tag members already tagged by previous members. NETFLIX GROUP: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. REMINDERS: - EDITED COMMENTS AR
  7. Spotify Premium Invite link (Update 10/27/20) - 1 Month validity (Until 11/27/20) - 5 slots Please get ONLY ONE SLOT. Comment down if you got a slot. No feedback, kick out. How to use the invite link? 1. Connect to a USA VPN server. 2. Make an account. If you have an existing account, login to your spotify account and go to profile settings and change the country to USA. 3. Click the invite link and accept the invitation. Then enter the provided address. LINK AND ADDRE
  8. Nakatulog ako sorry. Extend ko deadline of sending the number. The Winning Number for LOAD RAFFLE #4 3 You must send the following information before 9PM TODAY Philippines time: - Phone Number - Your number entry
  9. All new @Special Members please join this club. Qualified Member Groups: @Special Member @Elite Member @Epic Member @Forum Adept @Forum Guru @LifetimeStreamer @LifetimeStreamer
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