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  2. I won! @Geystapo Amount won: 100 This message is posted automatically by our Lottery system if the player have at least 3 matches.
  3. Hihi sana pwede makasali ulit. Thanks for sharing this!
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  5. MetaProducts Portable Offline Browser Ultra-fast and smart downloading of Websites for later offline use. Powerful ease of usage. There’s no other choice for saving desired Web content. Features of MetaProducts Portable Offline Browser Bringing new unlimited capabilities in archiving Websites Being the industry-leading application for Website archiving and downloading, Portable Offline Browser delivers the high-level downloading technology and powerful features. Archive Websites automatically on a regular basis. Copy the downloaded Websites directly to your hard d
  6. Adrosoft AD Stream Recorder is a small and powerful Windows software solution developed to help users record sounds from various sources. A professional and well-organized look is there to lend a hand in this regard, providing not only information on the currently recording sound, but also the standard controls to manage a specific recording. What’s more, real-time graphs help you monitor input signals, while sound clipping integration is also there for quick detection of any change that may affect input audio signals. AD Stream Recorder can record content in multi
  7. UPDATE: TuneFab Spotify Music Converter 3.2.1 | File Size: 47 MB
  8. UPDATE: AOMEI Backupper 6.5.1 Professional | File Size: 123 MB AOMEI Backupper 6.5.1 All Edition | File Size: 497 MB
  9. UPDATE: RedCrab Calculator PLUS | File Size: 4 MB Portable RedCrab Calculator | File Size: 39 MB
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