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  1. In order not to get a warning, you should not reply if you already reply. You may reply again once someone else replied.
  2. Please do not reply consecutively, it will be considered spamming. You have to wait for someone to reply first before you can reply again.
  3. Because you have only 1 post. I think you can reply now because you already reply to this topic.
  4. Welcome! Stay active, contribute and earn some freebies!
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  6. Thanks a lot for sharing. @Cosmic have you tried Carbon theme? you can see the spider web hehe.
  7. Popular fax service is pretty pricey. But eFax is both popular and cheap. Monthly Rate/Pages: $16.95/150, $19.95/200 Free Trial: 14 days Cloud Storage: Yes | Mobile App: Yes eFax is probably the most recognizable name in online faxing, and there's a lot to like about it, but it doesn't rank at the top of our best online fax services picks. eFax's interface and mobile apps look a lot like what MetroFax offers (not surprising, since they're owned by the same company), with both services now offering 14-day free trials. eFax throws in some nice
  8. Hello Sobra na po ang 70k kung Sketchup lang ang gagamitin mo. Ganito ang kailangan mo, pumunta ako sa System requirement ng Sketchup, ito ang nakikita ko. Napaka kunti, pero dahil 70k buget mo, gawa tayo napakaganda na PC na mura pa, na kayang takbuhan lahat ng program. Let's say meron kang $1400 USD, Mag bibigay ako ng recommendation para sa CPU at VIDEO Card, at RAM dahil itong tatlo ay yung factor kung mabilis o mabagal ang PC mo. pumunta ako sa link na ito para makita ko ang best na CPU na mabilis pero mura pag dating sa pera $.
  9. Please disable it for now. Thanks for your report. We will look it into it.
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