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  1. That's the informative (internet tricks) topics.
  2. Thank you po. Para alam ng Jiro kung ano ang dapat niyang ipost
  3. This is a poll. You can reply to this topic or just vote, or bot! What are your favorite kind of topics at BenLotus? Your votes are private and no one can see it.
  4. Hello Who can join? Any BenLotus member with at least 50 forum posts/contents. Anyone can join, including members outside of the Philippines. Instruction: Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 80 Drawing time: 12:00PM Noon Philippines December 10th. Winnings when number hits: 1 Numbers Match--> No Win. 2 Numbers Match --> 30 Gcash or Load or Netflix group 3 Numbers Match--> 100 Gcash or Load or Netflix Solo 4 Numbers Match--> 300 Gcash or Load 5 Numbers Match --> 1000 Gcash or Load RULES: You must have at least 50 content to join this raffles. If you won after the drawing of BenLotto, you will PM me how many match you got. Also how you want to receive your prize. If you are not from the Philippines, I can give you Netflix or any premium that you request, or you can also received PayPal money. If you don't do the above rules, you will be disqualify. How many numbers and letters do we draw? I will draw 10 Numbers There can be multiple winners: For example, if two member hits all of the 5 numbers, then both of them wins 1000 Pesos GCASH each. NO SPLIT.
  5. More likely si @ivan1122ng nag change ng password po.
  6. In order not to get a warning, you should not reply if you already reply. You may reply again once someone else replied.
  7. Please do not reply consecutively, it will be considered spamming. You have to wait for someone to reply first before you can reply again.
  8. Because you have only 1 post. I think you can reply now because you already reply to this topic.
  9. Welcome! Stay active, contribute and earn some freebies!
  10. Thank you for sharing. We always makes our life better. There is also a choice to be with someone you love. If you want to read success stories of people getting their desire by just using the power of imaginatoin, you can go to https://silverimagination.com
  11. Thanks a lot for sharing. @Cosmic have you tried Carbon theme? you can see the spider web hehe.
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