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  1. @Sandy I tested 1-12 netflix cookies but they are no longer working, maybe that post is still in 2018 so it is outdated and the YouTube video in your post I also looked at those who commented there but they said it is not working either.
  2. okay² I just asked hehe but it doesn't seem to work and there are a lot of ads ...
  3. @Sandy you use duckduckgo search engine?
  4. @Sandy Are you sure that Netflix Cookies are still working on that website, because their post is still 2018. Outdated...
  5. UC Browser is a fast smart and secure web browser. It is designed for an easy and excellent browsing experience. With the unique self-developed U4 engine and video player UC Browser can provide you with a smooth experience no matter you are surfing visiting websites downloading files or watching videos. ★Upgraded Web Browsing Experience: The most recent version uses our unique self-developed U4 engine that performs 20% improvement in web connection standard support video watching experience personal information security stability and storage management in comparison with our old ve
  6. IPTV Smarters Pro App is Media Player App For Android TV Android Phone and Android Tab. Fully Customizable and Brandable for OTT Service Providers FEATURES OVERVIEW: - Support Xtream API - Support loading M3u File / URL - Live Movies Series & TV Catchup Streaming IPTV HD Played through our IPTV app - Support: EPG - Parental Control - Built-in powerful IPTV player - External Players Integration - Attractive & Impressive Layout and More User-Friendly - Support: Dynamic language switching - Support: Embedded subtitle
  7. NO ADS - LASTED UPDATE - WEEKLY UPDATE -------------------------------------------- IELTS Practice Pro is the best way to prepare for the IELTS exam. List function: - Channel IELTS Video - Feature Daily update more resource. - Over 380 IELTS practice test with 4000 questions. - IELTS Writing Task 1: 400 sample chart - IELTS GT Writing Task 1 with detail model answer - IELTS Writing task 2 with detail model answer - IELTS Reading/Listening Test - IELTS Speaking sample/practice - IELTS exercises all skill - IELTS Idea/Tips - T
  8. @lothie88 Spamming "tanx" in every topic consecutively is not allowed or copying and pasting the same content/rephrased sentence to every topic is considered spamming.


    Please consider reading the rules carefully at this link:



  9. #01: Prince of Fools (The Red Queen's War #1) by Mark Lawrence The Red Queen is old but the kings of the Broken Empire dread her like no other. For all her reign, she has fought the long war, contested in secret, against the powers that stand behind nations, for higher stakes than land or gold. Her greatest weapon is The Silent Sister—unseen by most and unspoken of by all. The Red Queen's grandson, Prince Jalan Kendeth—drinker, gambler, seducer of women—is one who can see The Silent Sister. Tenth in line for the throne and content with his rol
  10. Note: Please show your support to the authors / mangakas by buying original copies / subscribing to platforms like Viz Media. Credits: Viz Media — Download Link:
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