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  1. join po ako. My bet is B. Mini wins 3-2 (Zero Lost 2-3) F. Mini Lost 2-3 (Zero Won 3-2)
  2. drinking a lot of coffee is not the problem. I know someone drink coffee in replacement of water. However, if you drink coffee with milk as your doctor suggest, the entire drink will go easy on your stomach. Eat less food at time, do not eat a lot in one time. You can spread the meal through the day.
  3. kawawa naman, tinatawanan lang siya, joke lang daw yun.
  4. galing naman. thanks sa share
  5. I am downloading METAL GEAR SOLID. Thanks so much! - I think i can download other games too. Keep sharing @GrayFullbuster
  6. Thank you very much. I have claimed this account. here's the screenshot. I want to download some games here at GOG.
  7. Thank you to BenLotus. I am happy with this forums as an Alternative to Mobilarian or Symbianize.
  8. Wow thank you for the share buddy. This is very helpful!
  9. wow yaman naman ni @aries0921 salamat po sa pa-games! nag enjoy din po ako kahit di ako nakasali
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