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  1. Thank you Cosmic. Our site is experiencing high random traffic lately. Buti nalang nakapasok ka.
  2. Ayan na ang mga dating BenLotto lovers, nandito pala kayong lahat. ^^
  3. In this month, I will randomly host BenLotto. Hello Who can join? Any BenLotus member with at least 50 forum posts/contents. Anyone can join, including members outside of the Philippines. Instruction: Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 80 Drawing time: 12:00PM Noon Philippines December 6th. Winnings when number hits: 1 Numbers Match--> No Win. 2 Numbers Match --> 30 Gcash or Load or Netflix group 3 Numbers Match--> 100 Gcash or Load or Netflix Solo 4 Numbers Match--> 300 Gcash or Load
  4. Hello, if you are waiting for Cosmic. She's busy. But I can solve your problem now. Let me know what you need. Thanks.

    1. xXxViNcExXx


      Good morning sir Jiro. Pwede po ba reset yung password sa contributers netflix acc? May nag change na nman po kase

    2. Cosmic


      @xXxViNcExXx Kakaupdate ko lang sorry late. :(

    3. J_M_R
  5. Ganito ang gagawin mo. Ang assigment mo ay gagawa ka ng flow chart, Yung number 1 to 10 ay Algorithm yun, hindi ka gagawa ng algorithm kasi ayan na yun. Ang kailangan mong gawin ay yung flow chart. Yung flow chart ay parang ganito. ito pa isa pang example. Yung Diamond na box, doon ang tanong na kung yes or no ang sagot. Yung rectangle na box doon ka mag maglagay like: User Input Name User Input Date of Birth User Input Contact Number, etc... tapos pag dating sa number 10, d
  6. boss pasali sa Netflix stream. thanks

  7. We still need more numbers. Not enough winning numbers yet! Nice doll pa nga daw sabi ng guard ahaha
  8. Simple Raffles Rules: Only members with 15 contents and above can join this raffles. Pick a number from, 1 to 15. winning numbers are already chosen. Raffles will end once all 4 winning numbers are picked. The first 4 members who got the correct number will earn access to this shared account for 7 days.
  9. You can reply to a topic the same way you can reply to topic you are posting.
  10. If you can reply to this topic, then you can reply to all except the Lifetimestream section.
  11. Too many people are selfish, changing password. It's call thief.
  12. I don't think many people here use zoom.. I don't use zoom too so I don't know
  13. Thank you. Gagawa sana ako isa, tinamad ako nong nakita ko kita. Penge po isa hehe.
  14. Don't forget to support BenLotus by logging out of your BenLotus account and click on 1 or 2 offers. :) - That way we will always provide freebies to our members.


    Currently only works on Mobile Device or Firefox on Desktop.



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    2. yesyesyo


      @Tofu make sure you turned off your VPN's ad blocker, your browser's ad blocker, and adblocker app like AdGuard, maybe 1 of them is blocking the ads

    3. olivia


      ok lang po ba kahit naka private mode sa firefox?

    4. JPCute


      Noted di pa nman ako ng lologout haha naka auto kc pag pinindot ko letter F forum agad diretcho

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