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Reply your Netflix Game on August 2nd to claim your prize


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New Rules for August 3rd. Only maximum of 2 Netflix Game per day for paid. However you can post as many as you like but you'll get paid only for two games.


We created this new rule because there are so many Netflix Games in our forum and not enough members are joining.


Now, the purpose of this topic.


Please reply the 3 topics you made on August 2nd to claim your prize. I will check it and PM you to get your Gcash Number.

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3 hours ago, M-J said:





3 hours ago, L-Kira said:


2 hours ago, Sigyn said:


2 hours ago, Bea said:

Load po sakin boss thank you po boss kuya sir @JiroDavid






2 hours ago, ShishikuraSan said:


52 minutes ago, jaztine_05 said:




Please edit your posts and tag the winners. 


So we could see those who collects solo netflix accounts. 


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