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  1. Can I try? for study purposes lang po. Thank you and Godbless
  2. #26 Lahat Idol ko especially sa mga taong tumulong sakin. Pero if I can choose it would be Ms. @Cosmic
  3. Go for 8, Thank youu po Ma'am @Cosmicat lods @JonSnow
  4. Nakssss dami nyan Lodss. Thank You for sharing
  5. Good Evening, This game is about me, expressing my adoration towards science. Science explains existency of everything and i also love mathematics so i decided to make a Math Games here but not very well good to it HAHAHA. BTW hindi na ako masyadong nakakapag-online because i am currently studying first year college with BSED. Pero syempree natambay parinn HAHAHA. Salamat sa mga LODI ko dyan at mga masisipag na CONTRIBUTORS? Thank you Ma'am @Cosmic!
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