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  1. Looking for supplier ng netflix paid account. Sino po meron dyan?

    1. majorbaluga


      check with mam @Cosmic if meron pa sya.

  2. Thank God back to normal speed na si PLDT. Natapos rin ang work ng mabilis. :)

    1. Tabtab


      Naoll Mabalagal padin samin tol hahaha

  3. Kumusta ang PLDT Fber nyo today mga prii? Sa amin sobrang bagal. :(

    1. Kageyama


      okay naman po samin hehe.

    2. L-Kira


      @Kageyama sana all... hehe... Matagal magload ang imdb sakin.. 

  4. Sad to say, Hindi po working ang method na to. But thanks for the effort.
  5. Effective na po ba ang feature na to? Panira naman sa negosyo. "Netflix is testing a new features that clampdown password sharing on users that are not living in the same household. When a user select a profile on a shared Netflix account, they are asked to verify if they share the same household with the account holder. If a user cannot confirm that they are authorized for a number of times, users are asked to set up a new account. A Netflix spokesperson said in a statement, "This test is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so
  6. Yes po ... New sim po yong Globe 5G.
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