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  1. Please disable the mobile navigation bar for now. We are currently fixing it.
  2. Flag icon and online indicator is working again. Thank you Cosmic.
  3. Buti dalawa nalng sayo, apat sa iba Tignan natin ang mga sagot ng iba, kung walang tumama, uulit ang game bukas.
  4. Pag lahat walang tumama, then uulit ang game bukas pero dag dag ang prize.
  5. Bingo numbers are drawn! First 50 Numbers If no one got a BINGO, I will increase the prize, and we will draw again tomorrow! Please PM me what DRAW number you made a BINGO! PM! Do not reply to this topic when you got a BINGO, and tell me what DRAW number made the pattern below. Send me a private message by 5:00PM Philippines time. BINGO WINNING PATTERN: Draw1 U-59 Draw2 S-69 Draw3 U-47 Draw4 S-66 Draw5 L-13 Draw6
  6. Added. The drawing will be posted in a few minutes!
  7. Add! Don't forget at 12 I will post the drawing, but no rush, you have 5 hours to play the cards and then PM me what draw number you become BINGO.
  8. Done, thanks. Tomorrow at 12PM drop ko dito yung drawing numbers, tapos solve nyo lang.
  9. All added. Thanks! Tomorrow at 12:00PM draw ako, but dont worry, basta submit the answer by 5PM - so NO RUSH !
  10. Hello Please read the instruction carefully before joining this game. This game is the same as LIVE BINGO, but all numbers will be drawn at once, then you have five hours to complete the BINGO Pattern. In this game, you will pick a bingo card from our list of BenLotus Bingo Cards, which can be downloaded here: Then tomorrow September 7th, at 12PM Philippines time, I will draw 50 numbers in ORDER and also give a pattern that we want to get. For example, Draw1: U-50 Draw2: S-64 Draw3: L-9 Draw4: T-35
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