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(COMPLETED) Daily Raffles: BenLotto June 9th 5:00PM Drawing TODAY


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Who can join? Any BenLotus member with at least 30 forum posts/contents. Only member from the Philippines.



Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 80.


Drawing time:

5:00PM Philippines June 9th



Winning Prize: Count of number that hits:

  • 1 Number -->  NO WIN :)
  • 2 Numbers --> 30 PESOS LOAD
  • 3 Numbers --> 100 PESOS LOAD
  • 4 Numbers --> 300 PESOS GCASH
  • 5 Numbers --> 600 PESOS GCASH



If you win, please PM me the following in your first message:

1. BenLotto Entry (all 5 Digits)

2. Cellphone Number

3. Smart/Globe/Sun




How many numbers do we draw?

10 Numbers, even you choose only 5.


There can be multiple winners:
For example, if two member hits all of the 5 numbers, then both of them wins 600 Pesos GCASH each. NO SPLIT.

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