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BenLotus is now back online ! :)


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We are now back online. That was a long maintenance. What did we do?

  • Upgraded our forums software to the latest version.
  • Updated our forums security to avoid bots from spamming us.
  • Some new features are added, such as the download section.
  • Some icons are replaced with the newer version.
  • Added a new theme. You will not be able to access this theme now since we are still testing it.
  • Moved to a new server. Hopefully this new server is better.

Hero and I spent more than 10 hours to make this update. We originally thought it would take five hours. It is not very hard, but there are so many files to downloads and uploads. There were 19,000+ files! My God! You guys have so many attachment. We had to download them all and reupload them again to a new host. That was why it took so long!

If you have any suggestion, feel free to suggest! Hero and I will try to add it.

Enjoy your stay here and have some free Netflix. My brother will take care of you.

Best Wishes To You All and Stay Safe,


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1 minute ago, Hero said:

You're welcome ! Ikaw yung isa sa pinaka helpful sa forums dito :) Tignan mo oh, pwede ko i-thanks yung post mo :)

Thanks! ☺

Just sent a "Haha ?" to your comment. Thanks for this feature! Hahaha.

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