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  1. Welcome po.
  2. May promise ako sa inyo noon na kung walang nagpapalit ng password sa Netflix, then always ako magbibigay ng Netflix. pero palagi kasi may nagpapalit ng password kaya di na ako nagbibigay ng netflix.
  3. Accessing Netflix Premium Via Cookies (PC Only) 1. First you need to get the Google Chrome Plugin call EditThisCookie This is the link for it: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/editthiscookie/fngmhnnpilhplaeedifhccceomclgfbg?hl=en 2. After you installed EditThisCookie, go to netflix.com and then click on the EditThisCookie icon as shown below: 3. Click on "Delete All" and then click "Import" and Paste the Cookie that I shared in this thread. 4: Click Check Button below color green5: Refresh the Browser6: Your In! Special Thanks to: @raimoochi for sharing this idea. You have to reply to this topic to see the cookies. The cookies will be in a text file. Copy everything in it to Step 3 above.
  4. Di na yan gumagana dahil na-sue sila.
  5. Paki report nalang kung di na gumana yung account para di na mag reply yung mga ibang member sa topic, pero kung ok pa, sige lang.
  6. Working pa ba ito guys? Kung di na siya working, let me know, para mag update ako.
  7. Birthday yan ng best friend ko ahaha! - Alam ko yung sagot pero di ko sasabihin.
  8. Update Cookies: Good Until June 18, 2019:
  9. Gamit ka Na hide tag. [sample] email and password here [/sample] replace “sample” with the word “hide”
  10. Natawa ako dito, halata naman sa Link.
  11. Hahah di mo na hide kaya walang nag reply, nag Hit and run lang.
  12. *Cookies update* - http://bit.ly/2VZk3DE Also edited the link on first post to this one.
  13. It's working guys. Just use this for now whoever needs netflix.
  14. Oo, sige mag post pa ako ng maraming account sa topic na ito. Basta PC lang talaga hahaha. Para walang changing password pag ganito.
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