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  1. Kung alam nyo ang teaching ni Neville Goddard. Sabi niya makukuha niyo lahat ng gusto niyo sa buhay niyo through Imagination. Na try ko na, gumagana always. Kung gusto niyo malaman kung pano yumaman, or mahalin kayo ng taong mahal mo, gamitin nyo ang technique ni Neville. Pwede ko din kayo turuan dito.
  2. Hi Thank you for your patient during the maintenance. If you visited this forums in the last seven hours (3AM to 10AM Philippines time), you see that our forums was offline due to a maintenance. There is nothing changed to the forums. Everything is the same. The reason of the maintenance is to move whole forums to a better and more reliable host. Thanks again. Now you can enjoy another year of BenLotus forums before another Maintenance.
  3. Hi, I want to let you guys know that on May 5 and May 6, this forums will be going under maintenance. If you visit the forums during this time, you will receive a message indicating that the forums in under maintenance. Don't worry, it should be quick. I am saving this two days just to be sure. But this is usually faster, like a few hours. Ben
  4. Took me awhile to realize na si Ben from The Umbrella Academy yung profile pic mo sir @MaximusxD

    1. Maximus


      Oo kasi Ben din ang pangalan ko Haha!

  5. Thanks for sharing, I'll check this out.
  6. Welcome to our forums.
  7. Please send @Hero a PM to make a Payment. Hero is been busy with his work that's why he isn't here right now.
  8. 17 - kakatapos ko lang maligo. haha
  9. tambayan ng pinoy

    Ako nandito ngayon. ^_^, inaayos ko yung forums natin.
  10. Thank you for this trick
  11. 24- Bakit Number Lang, say something funny. Hehe
  12. Thank you for linking this page.
  13. Grabe. Kawawa naman yung nakatay.
  14. Talk to Hero on his facebook at https://www.facebook.com/danherodoan
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