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  1. mas maganda yung manhid siguro kaysa nakakakita ka baka mabaliw lang ako lol..
  2. I will be using my laptop Sir...salamat..ohh sorry for the ignorance I could still logout from the VPN from that one laptop if I don't intend to use it anymore right? and then log back in from that same device if there is a need to use VPN again right Sir?
  3. sensya na..mind if I ask what forum would I be looking to get that vpn account? salamat
  4. oist salamat sir Hero...I was thinking of downloading some ebooks via torrent..kinda scared of doing it without vpn lam mo naman dito sa US...do I need to get 100 more posts for me to avail them? salamat ulit
  5. Hello people anything you can suggest on bang for the buck and reliable VPN?
  6. salamattttt mga sir....like the new look ??
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