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(Completed) Daily Raffles: BenLotto June 25th 5:00PM Drawing TODAY


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Who can join? Any BenLotus member with at least 30 forum posts/contents. Only member from the Philippines.



Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 80.


Drawing time:

5:00PM Philippines June 25th



Winning Prize: Count of number that hits:

  • 1 Number -->  NO WIN :)
  • 2 Numbers --> 30 PESOS LOAD
  • 3 Numbers --> 100 PESOS LOAD
  • 4 Numbers --> 300 PESOS GCASH
  • 5 Numbers --> 600 PESOS GCASH



If you win, please PM me the following in your first message:

1. BenLotto Entry (all 5 Digits)

2. Cellphone Number

3. Smart/Globe/Sun

4. Must send all of the above by 8PM Philippines time.


If you don't do the above rules, you will be disqualify.



How many numbers do we draw?

10 Numbers, even you choose only 5.


There can be multiple winners:
For example, if two member hits all of the 5 numbers, then both of them wins 600 Pesos GCASH each. NO SPLIT.

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