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How to increase your BenLotus content.


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For new members, this is how you can increase your content.


First of all, click or hover the mouse on your own avatar to see your content.





To increase content count you can do one of the following. You don't have to do everything.


  • Reply to a topic - This is the fastest way to increase your content. When you comment a topic, that is 1 content point. Avoid spamming because a staff member will give you a warning if it matches with the spamming guidelines.




  • Post useful topics - You can post any useful topic. That is one content count, but when other members reply to your topic, you can respond to them, which will increase more content counts.


Basically, if you are active here and interact with the site, your content will increase by itself.


If you have any question, feel free to reply to this topic. Wow, now I got 1 content, but if you have a question, and I reply to you, then I got more contents.




Why do we need to increase content in order to join forums activities?

  • Many games in BenLotus required you to have a minimum number of content to prevent cheating. Some guessing game such as raffles, allows members to guess only 1 time or with a time limit before they can answer again. But some members try to make new account so they can answer again, which is not really easy because you have to increase your content first before you can join.
  • Increasing content prevent leeching. Every member in BenLotus usually share another member something. That's how we make this site useful everyone including game hoster.
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