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  1. @JiroDavid @Cosmic @JPCute @Arkei
  2. Hello sir wala na po as of now, don't worry mag add pa po ako. Update ko na lang once posted.
  3. Hello wala na pala, sige mag-add ako ulit this day. Update ko na lang.
  4. Thanks sa feedback! Same kayo ng nakuha na account. Pero nauna si @marv__2015 magchange ng email. Need mo @karmella25? I'll give you one.
  5. Thank you @Biya Same lang ba ito ng post ni @Oranek?
  6. No worries! Leave an early feedback next time if it's indicated on the topic posted. Enjoy your freemium!
  7. Welcome po! Leave a feedback if u claim an account. You'll be kick from the family plan if you change an email without notice ^^ Someone claimed account 9 and changed the email. Who was it?
  8. Use your account @michaelpuspus. Double accounts are prohibited in the forum.

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