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Hero's Forum Game 2 - Win Netflix, Spotify, Hulu Plus, Deezer (Your Choice) - Up to 5 Winners.!


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For this game, there will be 5 winners only. The first five members who answered the question below correctly will receive a free account of your choice:

  • Netflix (1 Month)
  • Spotify (2 Months)
  • Deezer (1 Month)
  • Hulu Plus (1 Month)


What is the missing letter in the seemingly random letters below?

W I T M ? I T S R L B



PM me your answer. You only have one chance to answer this question correctly. The answer should only one letter.

Don't forget to include what account you want.

Once 5 members has answered correctly, I will respond to this thread saying no more answer will be accepted.



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