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  1. Guys please follow the rules and dont change the password, so all would be happy!
  2. I was busy with work! 💔 Sorryyyy. How's everyone doing? ^_^

    1. handsomeinard


      Mam Pa avail po ako ng netflix account..Thanks!

    2. kdl21


      Nagbbnta kapa ba ng netflix?

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  4. Hi guys! Im trying to reply to all your messages and requests. Please bear with me. 💕

    1. DinoBaby


      Thanks Miss Mae , willing to wait for the reply.

  5. Been away for awhile. I will reply to your messages/requests asap! :x

    1. Rhenzy


      Yun active na ulit hahaha boring na buhay e

  6. ms. @Maeganda24, meron p b kau scribd account? pede po mkhingi. slmat!

    1. Maeganda24


      I just posted 1 account, if u want solo account other than that you can pm me. ^_^

  7. How's it going? Would be giving a lot of  premium accounts today. ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Da3ker


      Meron pa po ba?😅

    3. Arielskie


      Yes Ate Mae

    4. Devatt


      Pasali po Thanks


  8. Last time na nagamit ko to okay pa, mas mabilis lang nadedetect so uulit ka ulit ng registration agad.
  9. This is a good thread. Especially for those na pc talaga ang gamit when watching.
  10. Good idea sir @Hero!
  11. Yehey! Thanks and congrats for the successful maintenance.
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