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What is BenLotus BCash?

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BenLotus BCash is virtual money of BenLotus. You can use BCash to purchase premiums and upgrades available in the BCash Shop.


What can you do with BCash:

  • You can purchase Premiums and Upgrades at our BCash Shop.
  • You can convert it to GCash once you have 50BCash or more. (Contact @BCashShop)
  • You can show off your luck by playing Casino Games and win more BCash at our BCash Games Extension. You can profit and Cash-out!
  • You can use it to buy anything from other BenLotus member. We act as a middleman to prevent scam.



How much is BCash valued?

The value of BCash is strictly 1 Philippine Peso per BCash. This rate will never change. However, because the rates between Philippines Pesos and US Dollars changes frequently, therefore the rate between BCash and US Dollars will also change.




How to buy BCash?

You can buy BCash by contacting me. @JiroDavid




How to earn BCash?

You can earn Free BCash by posting new topics in chosen forum section. You can also help with forum works in order to earn BCash. Sometimes, we will also host games that award BCash to the winners. Be active.




Can I exchange BCash to real money?

Yes. You can always change your BCash to GCash at anytime. You can also opt to get Philippines' Mobile Load (Smart, Globe, Sun). The equivalent is always 1 BCash = 1 GCash. Please contact @JiroDavid to make an exhcange.


Minimum Cash-out is 50 BCash (Exchanging BCash to GCash)

Minimum Cash-in is 30 BCash (Exchanging GCash to BCash)

Thare are fees to Cash-out BCash.

Please read this topic for the current fees.

Note: Cashing BCash out of the BCash Games Extension is free regardless of the amount but it still 50 minimum.


How to check BCash balance?

You can check your BCash balance by going to your profile or by visiting the BCash shop.



What are the example items we can use BCash to purchase?

You can buy item like 1 Month Solo Netflix, LifetimeStreamr Membership, Temporary Members Group, Club Membership, etc... You can also buy a mystery item if you feel lucky.



Can Members send BCash between each other?

Yes, any member on BenLotus can send BCash to each other. To send BCash to another member, go to their profile and proceed to where you see their BCash balance and click “Donate”



What happen to your BCash if you get banned from BenLotus?

You will lose all your BCash. But before you'll get banned, we will give you a generous number of warnings.



Please reply to this topic if you have any questions.

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