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  1. thanks sa share nito @Polsaso dm you
  2. thanks for this another great share @Sandy
  3. salamat sa share @Sandy dami matutulungan nito
  4. @zanjoe20 upon checking nanalo ka sa pa games ni @KHAN3210 nung feb.12...
  5. sorry bro..gusto ko maka sali ka kaso me rules ehh...be active nalang..sali ka nalang next time
  6. WIN A SHARED NETFLIX ACCOUNT RULES: Must react to this post Minimum of 50 post is required Doesn't have any active shared NETFLIX To those who will not follow the rules will be DISQUALIFY!!! A BIG THANKS TO BOSS @JiroDavid FOR SPONSORING THIS GAME WINNERS @ichaaan @Syrhcnna @kRiM @Pauline
  7. ayus to..ito ginagawa ko nung college days pag wala pang proff..hahaha
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