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  1. Natatawa ako kay Kulangot. Siya nga ang bago dito siya pa nag welcome at nag pasalamat sa mga old members dito haha - Ben.
  2. It seems that Update 85 was expired. Can you post Update 86? Thanks.

  3. hello ? guys im new here 


    1. Arkei


      @rnbkhan Hello. You posted at the wrong wall. Here's the link and click the "Start New Topic" for new members https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/forum/7-new-members-introduction/

    2. rnbkhan


      ops sorry dear pardon me ?

  4. Thank you po .?

  5. Thank you. Mabilis ang one drive link
  6. Pwede din bumili tapos magpa giveaway
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