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(Completed) Win 100 Pesos Gcash - Answer this Logic Grid - ESports Problem


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  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game.
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.


During an ESports tournament, 5 students from different universities and takes up 5 distinct courses, compete in 5 different games. They all have been playing their games on 5 different amount of years. Match their in-game names (xBOOMx, notFaker, Candylicious, ShooterZ52 and  m1dn1ght) with their games (ML, PUBG, Candy Crush, League of Legends, DOTA), universities (UST, DLSU, Ateneo, Harvard, UP) their courses (find out in the clues), and their years of experience (3,5,6,8,9 years).


What you are looking for:




1. The 5 gamers are:
     •The gamer with IGN of 'notFaker'
     •The gamer who goes to UP.
     •The gamer who studies the same course that the main characters in the series "How to Get Away With Murder" studies
     •The gamer with 8 years of gaming experience
     •The gamer who loves playing battle royale games.


2. 'notFaker' haven't been to the Philippines yet.


3. The one who plays DOTA does not study criminology and doesn't have an IGN of 'xBOOMx'.


4. Either ShooterZ52 or the gamer who goes to UP has 6 years of gaming experience.


5. The gamer from UST plays Mobile Legends.


6. The DOTA player has the most years of gaming experience of them all.


7. The gamer with 3 more years of gaming exp than Candylicious does not study engineering and education.


8. 'notFaker' has more gaming experience than m1dn1ght. One of them plays PUBG.


9. The gamer who plays Candy Crush goes to DLSU and does not study law.


10. The medicine student does not go to Harvard or UP.


11. Candylicious studies either education or criminology.


12. Either m1dn1ght or the gamer with 3 years of gaming experience loves playing League of Legends and the other comes to Ateneo.


13. ShooterZ52 doesn't study criminology.


14. Since the engineering student is a PC gamer, he couldn't play his game on his phone as he goes to his university.


15. The DLSU student has major in education.


Good luck! ?

Feel free to message me if you have any question po.

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1 minute ago, Andromache said:

Hirap pala master hahaha tuyo utak ko ngayon 

Konting piga pa, kaya yan hahaha dagdag na lang ako clues pag mahirap

Just now, KING said:

Need ko kasi pero ngayun HAHAHA sensya na

Ay sige po, galingan mo po

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