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Benlotus Contributors Club (2024 Relaunch)


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17 minutes ago, theprofessor_truman said:

Nice one po mam ?


17 minutes ago, quas said:

Wow sana mantika HAHAH


15 minutes ago, Judekoh28 said:

Hahaha kulanh pa sa akin. Haha


Just now, alyan1987 said:

Parang indi ako fit dyan hahaha! Name pa lang ng group "Contributor" 


Haha stay active lang sa forum. You'll soon be special members. ?

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  • 1 month later...

Up! Join now! ?

I would like this club to be more active since there a lot of new active members in the forum. 


If you haven't joined yet, I recommend you joining the club! ^_^


Check your Member Group here:

@Special Member When you reached 300 contents

@Elite Member - When you reached 1000 contents

@Epic Member  - When you reached 2000 contents

@Forum Adept  When you reached 3000 comtents

@Forum Guru When you reached 4000 contents


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49 minutes ago, Bea said:

Salamat po maam mae?


44 minutes ago, boyshongke said:

Maraming Salamat po


29 minutes ago, Emergency_Response said:

Ayos ah. Salamat!! :DDD


12 minutes ago, Kageyama said:

UP ! join na kayo hehe the more the merrier HAHA :x

Also follow the club so you would be notified if other contributors posted a new topic. :D


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