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Competition - Scavenger Hunt - PRIZE POOL: 500 Pesos Load


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Register Here!

Are you good at scavenger hunt?


You will search BenLotus topics that I request.


Who's Eligible: Member with 30 contents or more.


Game Duration: No time, just 11 questions.


How to join: Reply to this topic and say that you want to join, and also let me know your team! ( Team A, Team B, Team C )


Game Instruction: At 5:00PM on Sunday June 14, I will ask all the players to look for something for me in BenLotus. You will have to reply the link to that topic. Whoever drop the link first in the comment section will win that question for the team. The question will be asked one by one until each question has a correct answer.


Scoring: The team that wins the most questions will received 50 pesos load for each member (Total 500 Pesos Load for 10 Players).




Example Question: Give me any topic that has 10 or more pages!


Example Answer: https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/topic/5608-completed-benlotus-quiz-game-boys-vs-girls-score-1-6/




Team A

1. @Harold

2. @jesuisMoi

3. @Glutoneria

4. @Nearsteal

5. @Larxieee

6. @JunePaul

7. @JPCute

8. @Earl

9. @rageme08

10. @chawdog


Team B

11. @deadmau

12. @Jhan

13. @ChooxTv

14. @Elmer

15. @CjPH

16. @KingClarence

17. @retnuh

18. @Neeeegs

19. @MM1

20. @theprofessor_truman


Team C

21. @sky

22. @saladass

23. @BEBE

24. @ArKei

25. @karmella25

26. @reginax

27. @dennis99

28. @Chiyuki

29. @Yuki

30. @paranoia


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15 minutes ago, Glutoneria said:

Team A po sir


10 minutes ago, ChooxTv said:

Pasali haha B tropa @Jhan @deadmau hahahaha 


9 minutes ago, sky said:

Pasali team c ^_^


9 minutes ago, saladass said:

Pasali team C papabuhat ako sa girls hahaha


8 minutes ago, reginax said:

Pwede po ba Team C na kami? Hahaha :D



6 minutes ago, BEBE said:

Team c. Count me in.


5 minutes ago, ArKei said:

I go for team C hihi


4 minutes ago, reginax said:

Sa Team Cute din po ako. Team C!

All added! Kung sino pa di naka-add let me know :)

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