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Competition - Are You Smarter Than a Sixth Grader? - 20 Players PRIZE POOL 575 PESOS


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Are You Smarter Than A Sixth Grader?

You will be taking a 6th-grade Final Examination.

Prize Pool: 575 PESOS in LOAD

1st Place: 150 Pesos in Load  @paranoia

2nd place: 125 Pesos in Load @jesuisMoi

3rd place: 100 Pesos in Load @reginax

4th place: 80 Pesos in Load @junepaulking2019 Nauna siya.

5th place:  60 Pesos in Load @Yumeko

6th place: 40 Pesos in Load @Juan1 Nauna siya

7th place: 20 Pesos in Load @rageme08 / @rkismyname

Who can Join: Any Benlotus members with 30 contents (posts) or more.

When: Sunday, May 10 at 5:00 PM Philippines time.

How the Game works: There will be 20 players. By 5:00 PM Philippines time on Sunday May 10, 2020, I will post a random number of questions from a 6th-grade examination papers all at the same time here on this topic. You have 25 minutes from 5:00PM to 5:25PM to answer the questions correctly as much as you can.  You will have to send me the answer through Private Message by 5:25PM or else it will be considered late. Private Message, not instant Private message. It can be found here: https://forums.benlotus.com/index.php?/messenger/ - It must be via Private Message and not CHATBOX, because that's how I know the time you sent to me.


Scoring: The player with the highest point will be first place, etc... If two players have the same points, the player who sent me the answer first will take the better spot in ranking.


How to register: Reply to this topic, and say that you want to join.



1. @Smack

2. @jesuisMoi

3. @paranoia

4. @rkismyname

5. @junepaulking2019

6. @Chiyuki

7. @Maks

8. @Yuki

9. @reginax

10. @Dark_coder

11. @Maegan

12. @Yumeko

13. @rageme08

14. @Juan1

15. @punchme

16. @chawdog

17. @gwapito06

18. @taym3

19. @pandakoykoy

20. @Kaikets


Ito yung link para sa EXAM:

This is the hidden content, please




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1 minute ago, Yuki said:

Pasali po ?

Added :D Always ka present ah, pero di kita nakikita nag comment sa ibang topic :)

1 minute ago, junepaulking2019 said:

makikisawsaw ulit   HAHA pa  join po :)

Added na ! Ok lang, masaya!

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