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(COMPLETE)Win 100 Pesos Gcash - Answer this Logic Grid


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Win 100 Pesos Gcash. Sponsored by @JiroDavid



  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game.
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.


Di ko sure kung mahirap to or madali pero masasagot nyo to dahil matatalino ang mga taga-BenLotus ?


Fashionista: Coco, Vivien, Oscar, Jeff, Zia
Garments: Skirt, Shirt, Coat, Dress, Suit
No. of Assistants: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Warehouse: A, B, C, D, E
Earnings: $1033, $1038, $1041, $1046, $1052




1. The fashionista on warehouse A has the same no. of assistants as letters in their name.

2. The fashionista of dress does not have the lowest earnings, regardless of having the lowest count in assistants.

3. The 5 fashionistas are:
   • Zia
   • the one creating skirt
   • the one on warehouse E
   • the one who has an earning of $1046

   • the one who has 5 assistants

4. Zia really likes skirt, but she doesn't design skirts.

5. Earnings of the shirt fashionista is more than Oscar's earnings, but fewer than the fashionista on warehouse B.

6. Only 15 assistants will work beyond the warehouse C.

(There are 15 assistants in warehouse D and E.)

(15 = D + E)

7. The fashionista on warehouse C earns $1038.

8. Fashionista of skirt has the most assistants, but he/she doesn't have the highest earnings.

9. The 5 warehouses are:
   • the warehouse with 9 assistants
   • the warehouse of the $1033 earner
   • the warehouse where Coco is on
   • the warehouse B
   • the warehouse where suits are being created

10. The grand total of the numbers in one fashionista’s earnings is equal to the total number of his/her assistants.



11: The fashionista who has 9 assistants is the same person that earns $1038, his/her name is known as The Academy Awards.


12: Vivien who earns second to the highest, also makes suits works in the first warehouse.

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