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(COMPLTED) Win 30 Pesos Load Each Question: Follow the Instruction.


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This game you will win 30 pesos load by Following the instruction!


Rules (instruction):

  • You must have 30 BenLotus contents before you can join this game. You should answer only the yellow questions.
  • You can only answer one question at a time.
  • If you win, you can't answer again.
  • You must tag my forum name in your answer.






Just follow/answer the following question.




Question 1. @Yerenica

  • Tag an elite member.
  • Tag a member that joins on May 5.
  • Say "Hello, thank you for being part of BenLotus."
  • Say a sentence with 7 words.




Question 2.

Three Paley brothers and three Thomson brothers operate a company that manufactures lie detectors. Three of these six men always tell the truth, and three always tell lies; neither set of brothers consists exclusively of liars. Some recent statements from the six men are recorded below. Can you find the six men's full names, and tell which men tell the truth and which tell lies?

1. Alan: "Both my brothers tell lies."
2. Boris: "Both my brothers tell the truth."
3: Chuck: "Alan and Boris are both liars."
4. Dalman: "Chuck and I are brothers."
5. Edwin: "Boris and I are brothers."
6. Finney: "Edwin tells the truth."
7. Finney: "Boris is one of the Paleys."




Question 3. @Lilac

What is the answer to question number 3 on this topic:





Question 4. 

4 friends, Josh, John, Kim, and Amber, went to a party. Each of them had different color eyes and hair. The eye colors were blue, green, brown, and hazel. The hair colors were blonde, red, brown, and black. Match the person to their correct hair color and eye color.

1- The girls do not have green eyes.
2- Josh doesn't have blonde hair, but John's is red.
3- The person who has brown hair and hazel eyes sat next to the blonde with brown eyes.
4- John's eyes are not brown.
5- Amber's hair is black.





Question 5. @sky

What is the answer to question number 7 on this topic:





Question 6.

Si Maks ay kailangan niya ng extra pera kaya nagwork siya sa isang delivery company. Isang araw, kaka-load niya lang ang mga delivery niya sa kanyang van, biglang humangin at nahulog ang mga item at ang mga label ay nabasa at hindi na niya ma-read ang label. Hindi niya na alam kung kanino i-dedeliver ang bawat item, pero meron siyang naalala kunti. Yung mga naalala niya ay yung clue sa ibaba. Tulungan mo siya para tama ang mga item na i-dedeliver niya at kung saan at para saan at anong oras.


Recipients: Jenny, Mae, Diane, Hanna, Analou
Mga Item: Roses, tulips, teddy bear, tiger, balloons
Occasions: birthday, anniversary, get well, baby, promotion
Streets: BigHorn Ave, River St, Sunset Ln, Laguna Dr, Jackson Ct.
Times: 10 am, 11 am, noon, 1 pm, 2 pm


Clue in ENGLISH para hindi kayo malito sa tagalog dahil nakakalito na yung puzzle.

  • Mae does not live on River St.
  • Both the 11 am delivery and the one made to Analou were flowers.
  • The 5 deliveries are: the roses, the one on River St, the one made at 1 pm, the one with a get well message, and the one made to Jenny.
  • The last delivery of the day was a stuffed animal given as a birthday gift.
  • Hanna (who just had a baby) did not receive a stuffed animal. She did not received anything at noon
  • The delivery on BigHorn Ave (which wasn't to Mae) was Tulips.
  • The deliveries were made in the following order: the balloons, the one made to Laguna Dr, the one made to Diane, the gift given to celebrate a promotion, and the one made to Jackson Ct.
  • The teddy bear was delivered 1 hour before Analou received her gift, but 2 hours after the delivery on River St.





Question 7. @D4rk_c0d3r @Izanami-no-mikoto

The answer to this question is on Question Number 6.






Question 8.


What is the number of the parking space covered by the car?


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