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Learn to Code Bundle for Beginners - 24 Premium Courses - EDUfyre

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other courses available at link below

40+ Free Accounts, Courses, VPNs & Web - compilation


EDUfyre - Learn to Code Bundle for Beginners

24 Premium Courses that will teach you to code like a boss


Courses Included with Purchase

Rust Programming Language for Beginners
Lua Programming - Master the Basics
Programming Made Easy with Python
React Native for Absolute Beginners
Getting Started with NodeJS for Beginners
Learn Google Go - Golang Programming for Beginners
Java Programming for Mobile Developers
A Gentle Introduction to Python Programming
Python for Beginners
C Programming for Beginners - Go from Zero to Hero!
Learn Essential Javascript Fundamentals
Artificial Intelligence
jQuery for Absolute Beginners
Learn Bash Shell in Linux for Beginners
Design for Coders
Learn C++ in Less than 4 Hours - for Beginners
C++ for Complete Beginners
Dreamweaver Web Design for Complete Beginners
Learn Ruby on Rails for Absolute Beginners
Linux Shell Course for Beginners
Java for Complete Beginners
Learn Angular JS for Beginners
Java Multithreading
Learn GREP and SED on Linux for Beginners


go to

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click "Enroll for $2,125.20"


click "Add Coupon"
enter code below
click "Apply"


"Billed Today (USD)


fill in email, name
skip "I agree to receive..."
check "I agree to Teachable's..."
click "Enroll in Course"


One last step...
enter and confirm password
click "Create account"
click "Continue..."



bonus, 4 other Free Bundles, same method & coupon to enroll


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Digital Marketing Kickstart Bundle
20 Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners and Newbies


The Jerry Banfield Bundle for Nerds
20 Course Bundle


Freelancers Growth Bundle
25 Course Bundle


Google Apps Scripting Intro Bundle
10 Course Bundle

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