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  1. Thanks for sharing po. Keep sharing more
  2. I did not get you. Could you reply in English.
  3. Woah. Thank You for sharing spotify premium accounts po Keep sharing more po.
  4. Hahaha... Thank you for the jokes.
  5. lol. I didn't understand a thing. Well, it's seems like a joke. So imma laugh.
  6. Welcome po. Best of luck getting a grammarly account
  7. Yay spotify premium again. Thanks for sharing po ☺
  8. Spotify premium. Thank you for sharing po ☺
  9. You know. Just search for education colleges which have GRAMMARLY available with the mail then create a edu mail account and you can have long lasting EDU GRAMMARLY Account, which is just like the premium/business accounts. Hope this helps.
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