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Free Netflix - Puzzle and Raffles


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You must have 15 Forum posts to be eligible to join this game. You must not have any active Netflix Group. If your group is expired, you can join.


Ang nakauna makasagot sa puzzle game na ito ay makapanalo ng isang slot sa Netflix. At para sa mga nahihirapan sumagot, pwede din kayo mag reply dito ng ralffles number.


How to join as a raffle:

  • There are four winning numbers.
  • The winning numbers are already chosen.
  • The range of winning number is from 1 to 40.
  • The chance of winning is 1 out of 10 because there are 4 winning numbers.
  • Just reply to this topic. You can only reply once every 24 hours.


Kung ayaw mong magantay, pwede ka din sumagot sa puzzle na ito:

What does this message say?


Unlimited tries. The first one who get it right is the winner.

Hint: Hindi yan abbreviation. Yung magkaparehas ng kulay dapat talaga magkatabi. Walang trick. Puzzle lang talaga yan. Lahat ng letter pwede i-arrange para maging message. Dapat gamit lahat ng letters. Bali 16 lahat. One sentence.



Winner from this Netflix group:

Puzzle Winner: @Yujians

Raffles Winner 1: @ShinobuKocho

Raffles Winner 2: @noctis

Raffles Winner 3: @chawdog

Raffles Winner 4: @KTH


Have fun!


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1 hour ago, ShinobuKocho said:

24 pa try

Panalo ka. First try. Add na kita now sa number slot 2.


11 minutes ago, Wined said:


Mali po. Try nalang po bukas. Pero pwede ka pa rin sumagot sa puzzle.


11 minutes ago, Maegan24 said:

Hmm. Interesting yung puzzle. I'll send an amswer din mamaya! xD

Ay madali lang ito sayo.

  • Haha 1
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16 hours ago, jepoy0_0 said:


Mali ang number. Try nalang mamaya ulit kasi kahapon pa pala ito :)


1 hour ago, wreckItRalphyyy said:

24 po boss

Ayan ang winnign number, sayang may nakauna na sayo, first post. Try nalang ulit now :) Dapat check mo ibang number para di umulit :)


4 minutes ago, Wined said:


Mali, try nalang po ulit bukas ^^

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