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  1. Here is the file @Syncarrow ^^ IPD_PPD_Solved_Problems_September_2013_rephrased.doc.pdf
  2. Thanks and keep on sharing po lods ^ _ ^
  3. Thanks for the game Ma'am Cosmic ^^ Pasali po ako ^^ Link:
  4. #11 @Cosmic thank you po for sponsoring the game ^^
  5. Here is the unlock ^^ @Bomb Answer & Explanation 1. The company can purchase the patent. The patent does not require prototypes to be submitted in the patent office or DTI(dept of trade and industry) but it will be valuable for the product to undergo prototyping. This product underwent prototyping because it was able to forecast a 75% probability in manual use. An inventor would not risk to sell his product to a big company if the product is low in viability,and not feasible to work. Product analysis before acquiring the product should be in place before advising it
  6. Here is the file @andreiii Please next time mention me so I can easily see your request ^^
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