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How BenLotus Started




Many of you are probably wondering how does this website started. This website was first created on May 16 2017 under the name BenLotus. However, it wasn't even a brand new website when it was created. It was just a rename. With fresh old members who have to re-register again because the old website was lost forever. Wondering what was its name? It was named BR-forums.com which is short for Battle Realms Forums. Most of the members back then were LifetimeStream members and Battle Realms Players.

How about before that?

Ben originally created the website in 2013 solely for the game Battle Realms. But at the time, he also managed a group call LifetimeStreamer and he decided to provide them with unlimited monthly freemium for only $20.00. He decided to manage the LifetimeStream group in his Battle Realms Forums. He kept his promise until today. We are still providing service to LifetimeStream members. I joined him to help manage the group and many of the LifetimeStream members confused between me and Ben. This was because sometimes Ben was the one emailing them with the signature Ben, and sometimes it was me with the signature Dan.

On August 9, 2018, I went to the Symbianize forums and witness that many of its member are having a hard time trying to get free premium membership from other members. I know that we are able to provide those freemiums with ease. I asked Ben if we can help them and he agreed. That's when we decided to open BenLotus registration to the public, and we posted a link in Symbianize forums about BenLotus, and that's when we started to have more and more members. Almost everyone enjoyed their stay in BenLotus. At that time, there was rumors that the Symbianize forums is retiring after 13 years of age. That's why many of their members are seeking for a new home. About 700 members registered in the span of 10 days, then on August 19, 2018. We decided to invite members from PHCorner because I also witness they are having a hard time to get what they want. After that, we did not invite anyone anymore, but members invite their friends. They also decided to invite other members from other forums, and that's what we got today. New members are still joining day by day. Hopefully, everyone enjoy their stays.

Thank you for reading.

Dan David.



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Mabasa nga haha ang haba ?

Kakaanniverssary lang pala ni benlotus. Hope na mas marami pang members ang matulungan at tumagal pa tong forum ?

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Wow, so this is where it all started, how BenLotus was born! Grabe, ang bait niyo naman Sir Dan & Ben! Thank you for creating this forum and opening it to public to provide us free premiums! Will always be grateful being part of the BenLotus Forum. ???

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Ahhhhh. From PHC din po ako since 2018 at nawitness ko po yung pagbabago don sa maikling panahon na yon. Lucky kasi nakita ko yung comment ng isang member doon about sa benlotus. Hahaha 

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I really enjoy this forum. This is the best forum. People care about others, share good stuffs. This is the best part of this forum! Thanks for sharing the history! Hope some day we will reach a million members :)

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Just wow ?From a simple website to what is this today. I am really loving this forum and spending hours not just because of the free stuff but there is so many interesting things here and people are friendly. I just feel so much comfortable here. Thanks for sharing this information sir??

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I knew it from the word LOTUS. hehe. I am a battle realms player also and I felt young again feeling nostalgic of those years I spent playing BR. Thank you for sharing premium accounts and for bringing back the joy of being a kid.

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