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No Ads At BenLotus Discussion Board

Your privacy stays yours. We don’t sell your data or target you with ads. Ever.   We do things differently.   Why choose BenLotus vs Other Forums? Privacy - Your personal data remains yours. We don’t sell your data to any third party vendor, as a symbol for your faith in us.   AD FREE - Tired of ADs on other social media? Here, NO ADs are targeted to you. It’s a forum which relies heavily on community interaction and healthiness for sustainability.



How BenLotus Started

The website now known as BenLotus began its journey on May 16, 2017, but its roots extend further back. Initially, it was BR-forums.com, a hub for Battle Realms enthusiasts and LifetimeStream members. The transition to BenLotus meant starting anew, as the previous site's data was irretrievable.   The story traces back to 2013 when Ben, the founder, established a site focused on Battle Realms. Concurrently, he managed a group named LifetimeStreamer, offering them an attractive deal: unl


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