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Make a Netflix Game and Earn up to 70 Pesos Gcash Per Game


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Now, for the event from August 2nd to August 5th, you can host a game for Free Netflix and Earn up to 70 Pesos per game.


Get a Free Netflix for your game:

If @Cosmic give you a free Netflix so you can host your game, we pay you 50 pesos Gcash per game.

If @JiroDavid give you a free Netflix so you can host your game, we pay you 50 pesos Gcash per game.

If someone else in the forum give you a free Netflix so you can host your game, we pay you 70 pesos Gcash per game.

If you use your own Netflix, it's 70 pesos per game.



  • You can host a maximum of 2 paid games per day. If you want to host more, it will not be paid, but feel free to host :) You'll never know you'll get a bonus or not.
  • You can host a Solo Netflix Game: 1 Winner.
  • You can host a 5 Profile Slot Netflix Game: 5 Winners.
  • Tag the person who give you the Netflix account in your game.
  • Add me (@JiroDavid) to your Netflix of winners group after the game if you host a Netflix Profile Slots game.
  • Each participant of the event can only earn a maximum of 210 pesos per day. (150 pesos if you use our Netflix).
  • We will only replace Netflix that stop working within 3 days.


When we will give you the Netflix account for your game?

You can PM @JiroDavid or @Cosmic to get a Netflix account before you post your game if you are a Special Member and above. If you are not yet a Special Member, we will give you the account after you posted your game.

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3 minutes ago, Tzuyu said:

Counted ba yung palaro ko ngayon boss? HAHAHAHA bigatin talaga kayo boss ah


1 minute ago, Bea said:

Boss kuya sir @JiroDavid counted bo yung palaro ko ngayon kaka post lang po hehe


Sige counted today kasi sabi ko August 2. ^_^ Bukas pa ako mag babayad para sa August 2.

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