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(Completed) Win 100 Pesos Gcash - Answer this Logic Grid - Binge-watching Problem


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Sponsored by: Boss @JiroDavid



  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game. Locations must be in reverse alphabetical order
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.


During their semestral break, 5 students planned to binge-watch their favorite series in one of their classmate's house. They each suggested different series to watch in different days. The one who suggested what they would watch that day would also get to decide what they eat during that day. They also like to watch on different parts of the house. Match the student's names with their correct information


NAME: Amy, Kurisu, Pico, Park Hoon, Jesse,
FAVORITE SERIES: Steins Gate, Boku no Pico, Brooklyn99, Doctor Stranger, Breaking Bad
FOOD: Chips, Fruits, Pizza, Candies, Fries
LOCATION: Table, Sofa, Kitchen, Floor, Chair
DAY: Sunday to Thursday




1. The five people are:
•The one who likes watching on the floor
•The one who loves fries
•The one who suggested Boku no Pico
•Park Hoon
•The one whose favorite series was watched on Wednesday.


2. Only two of them has the same name as one of the main characters of their favorite series.


3. The one who loves fruits isn't Pico and doesn't watch in the kitchen.


4. The one who loves fries doesn't watch on the floor.


5. They ate the candies on the day with the most letters.


6. Steins Gate was watched after the day they watch the series recommended by the one who watches on the chair.


7. The one who loves candies didn't watch on the floor and didn't suggest Boku no Pico.


8. Kurisu isn't the one who loves candies.


9. They ate pizza the day after they watched the series suggested by the one who loves watching in the sofa. After that, they watched Kurisu's favorite series.


10. Jesse suggested watching a show with a main character named Walter White.


11. The one who suggested Brooklyn99 isn't Kurisu and doesn't like fries. However, his favorite series was watched on the Thursday.



1. Park Hoon loves watching from the table but doesn't like chips.

2. Doctor Stranger was watched on Tuesday.

3. Amy loves watching in the kitchen and eat candies.



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