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  1. By the way RTX 3070 is Approx to RTX 2080 ti and its price is half of that $ 499 in USA and i think you already heard of the disturbance made by Nvidia due to thier new GPU's
  2. But it will release on october in philippines
  3. Well what about RTX 3070 ?? I think RTX 3070 has best price to performance
  4. i can't understand i am not a Facebook user, I know it sounds weird
  5. by the way, soon i will add the timestamp for data id so its easy to access a specific date
  6. Consider: If you want to see one-month-old messages in chatbox of your friend what can you do? haha you can't scroll so long so here the tut to see old messages in chatbox Some Data id Time Stamp : "xx" is any two digit random number
  7. I found it on amazon prime Now i have to make a amazon prime for me but still i also have to figure out in which country the season 6 is available
  8. Maybe you know where i can stream teen titans go Season 6 Complete Or Download whole series in one click
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