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(COMPLETED) Win 1000 Pesos Gcash - Answer this Logic Grid - Fictional BenLotus Members


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Win 1000 Pesos Gcash + 1 Month Solo Netflix


Level of Difficulty: Hard



  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game.
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.
  • The age must be in ascending order. (top youngest, bottom oldest)



Good Luck To All!




What are you looking for?
  • One of the country is India.
  • One of the premium is Chegg.
  • No one joins on September.
  • Forum Legend, LifetimeStreamer, and Admins not included.
  • Moderator is one of the rank included.
  • Age choices: 15 16 17 20 24 30 32 35
  • First month of Summer in Vietnam is JUNE
  • First Month of Summer in Australia is December.


None of the person have the same condition. For example, no join the same month of November. Everyone is unique.
1. The eight people are:
  • The person whose name if latinized is called Coemgenus.
  • The person with age that is the same atomic number of an element that has a boiling point of 3106 Kelvin.
  • The person who loves the section of BenLotus that has a lot of images.
  • The person who loves the main recipe of KFC.
  • The person with the rank of a person that has the highest content in BenLotus today.
  • The person who loves a premium service that can link to her mobile legend account.
  • The person who lives in a country with a city called Puerto Princesa.
  • The person who joined BenLotus during her first month of summer.
2. The person who loves the BenLotus section that required approval is half the age of the person loves to binge-watch "Stranger Thing" that lives in city of Hiroshima. They are friends with a person who lives in China.
3. The person with the age that is the same as the largest known integer n for which 2^n+1 is prime, join BenLotus on new year because of his love for Music. His name starts with letter D.
4. The person who's first name is the same as the main character of the film "The Empire Strikes Back", loves to eat aMcdonald's number 1 Menu, and also loves to post at a BenLotus section that doesn't show up in the recent post. He's also not a very good English typer, so he needs a premium to help him fix his grammar because he is more used to chinese character.
5. The person who's his Internet Service Provider block access to BenLotus, joined the forum in the first month of summergot his name changed color for the first time yesterday, is 24 years old. He can speak the language of our Admin.
6. The person who joined BenLotus the same month as Julius Caesar died, is the oldest of them all, which is 20 years old older than the youngest person. The youngest person is a new member.
7. The person with 1500 contents love to post at the Software Section, also loves sandwiches. He is friend with the person who actually receives 80 pesos load and loves pizza.
8. The person whose name is also a name of city in a European country, start with the Letter N, is friend with the person who lives in a country that also start with letter N but ends with L who loves the feature on the homepage of BenLotus.(the one with country NXXXL)
9. The person who loves Hotdog lives in the southern Hemisphere. Her name is the same as the person on their $5.00 bill.
10. The person with the age of a prime number is 18 years old younger than the oldest person. Her name is the same name as the character name of the love interest of Michael Scotfield in Prison Break. She loves chatting about her favorite mobile legend heroes.
11. The person who loves Icecream, who's not Jennifer, can't received 50 pesos in Load from BenLotus because she is not from the Philippines. She remember joining BenLotus on Halloween
12. Kenny is very active at FreeStuffGivesaway secttion, his country of origin is the same as our BenLotus Admin, which is not Philippines or USA.
13. David and Jennifer joins BenLotus four months apart. One of them joins on the month with the least letter of all. Jennifer's name color doesn't really change. One of them is 30 years old. The 30 years old joins on the month of May.
14. The person who's age is 20 years old, loves the movie called "Magnifico," which is not available on Netflix. She joins BenLotus on Valentines Day. She likes eating popcorn and join ForumGames.
15. The person who loves Spaghetti who hates Ramen in her country, has the higest rank of them all. She is friend with the person who joins on July and can't received 60 pesos load because he's not from the Philippines.
16. The 35 years old doesn't need a USA VPN server to access USA exclusive site, and he loves to watch Castle Rock (TV series).


Note: The Clue is not completed ^_^, you have to guess at least 3 items :)


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5 minutes ago, JonSnow said:

Hahahahaha ngeee. Kala q mga tao sa benlotus. Hahaha

Haha oo, kaya mahirap..  Mga 2 hours ko ginawa yung Logic Grid. expect ko mahirap hehe.. pero alam ko maraming matalino dito katulad mo. 


May dagdag ako mga clue para mas madali kunti.

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