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BenLotus Android & iOS App information and updates.


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Hello BenLotus Members


Lately, we have developed an app for BenLotus. This is our first time attempting to make an android application for a website. We have to admit we are not expertise in this area of programming and coding. This is also a first time experience for Dan. But we are also taking advantage of this experience because it helped us to learn more. The BenLotus app that we provided to some members to test is not perfect. It only contains the idea of what we want our official app to be look like. We've done so much research and look into other Android app's source code in order to apply it in our BenLotus App. However, we also mistakenly copied the source code for the ads from other apps for some useful functions, that cause our own BenLotus App to have some ads. I sincerely apologize if you have seen any ads during the testing of our first test app. It is one of the reason we did not want everyone to test it because it is not stable. Reassured the official version of our app will not have any ads.


Currently, we partnered up with some experts on this field outside of BenLotus to develop the best app we can. We are not the top ranking engineer working for Facebook. (At least Facebook have about 1000 Engineers. We are only two brothers ?).


We apologize for the delay. We are trying our best to make sure your experience with the app will exceed your expectation.


After we are done with the Android app, we will just port it to iOS. Because it is easier just to copy the structure/algorithm from the finished Android App to make the iOS app.


Have a nice day.

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Take your time Sir Ben and Sir Jiro. Rest assured that we can/willing to wait for the right time na ilabas ung app and for sure once it is available sa playstore nasa best performance ung app. Thank you po sa commitment nyo, dedication, effort and time. Thank you po sa lahat

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Wala din akong alam sa mga gnyan pero ang alam ko ay napakahirap nan lalo na po para sa inyo.  Sadya pong ganun sa una, medyo mahirap pero magkakaroon naman ng magandang resulta pagkatapos. Take your time po support lang po kami para sa inyo? GO! 



-Good Morning ☕

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