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(Completed) Guess Who? | Win 30 Pesos LOAD!


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Instructions and Rules.

1. Only members who has 30 or more forum posts or contents are allowed to join.

2. You can only answer one at a time. Kailangam macheck ko muna kung tama or mali.

3. You can only answer one Number or Question. Bawal sagutin lahat. Pili kalang ng isa at yun ang sasagutan mo. We will have 3 winners, 30 pesos load each

4. You can answer by their real name or their character name.

5. You cannot edit your answer after mo ipost. Check your answer before posting it. 

6. Madali lang ito kaya goodluck. hihi


 1. Tom Ellis / Lucifer Morningstarreceived_2684735841849292.jpeg.294b61d9a0cd9b033a1fdee431f63703.jpeg

- who do you think is this guy? That smile and color. 


2. Gatern Matarazzo


- He can't say "assassin" like everyone else.



3. Eren YeagerUSER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-image--947577414.jpeg.f2896e34b50a76887c5750f5ffe65767.jpeg

- Maybe he is the strongest. Watch out if he bites.

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12 minutes ago, missEllah19 said:

1. justin timberlake



12 minutes ago, Harold said:

lucifer morningstar


12 minutes ago, KingClarence said:

1.Tom Ellis


12 minutes ago, Chiyuki said:

1. Tom ellis


12 minutes ago, Yuki said:

1.tom ellis

May nauna na po hehe



10 minutes ago, Yuki said:

3.Levi Ackerman

Wrong hihi

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