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Forum Game 10: Win 100 Pesos Load + Premium Accounts


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Masaya to! :)


How to play Tug of War:

Girls: +1   goal score: 60

Boys: - 1   goal score: 0

Starting score natin ay 30. 


- Pag magcomment ay girl, ang ilalagay niyang number ay +1 ng previous number.


-Pag magcomment ay boy, ang ilalagay niyang number ay -1 ng previous number sa comment.


-Pwede maglagay ng other statements or whatever you want to say beside your number. 


Bago ka makapagcomment uli, hintay ka muna ng 2 other people na magcocomment.


Kung sino huling comment na girl (60) or boy (0). Siya ang winner. 




1. 100 Pesos Load

2. 1 FOX+ Premium Account (1 month)

3. 1 Deezer Premiun Account (1 month)

4. 1 Scribd Premium Account ( 2 months)


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21 minutes ago, Hero said:

29 - Boy ako. Grabe, baka never ending itong game na ito kung plus one at minus one lang ang number, pero tignan natin.

Hahaha. Naisip ko nga baka matagalan. Edit mo comment mo sir Hero. Gagawin kong 30 ang starting score. :)

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