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Benlotus Update (September 2020)


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The Benlotus forum UI is now updated!


- All features and applications before the update are still installed: chatbox, gallery, blogs, flag icon, downloads, online indicator


- Other features that are not available right now will be returned once bugs, issues, and compatibility are all fixed (Musicbox, online time etc)


- Available themes for now: Default, Carbon, Deflection. Previous themes such as Titan and Spectrum will be available again soon and new ones will also be added


- More club features are added: Club rules, Club Pages, Additional Club settings


- Quoted posts that are too long are now collapsed in default, and expand option is now added.


- More information about all the updates will be added later



This post will be updated as soon as all updates are checked.


All observations and reports of issues or bugs are welcome here!

Comment down your thoughts. 

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10 minutes ago, Cosmic said:

To disable it, click the switch icon beside the search icon above.

This menu should be displayed, then turn off the bottom mobile navigation bar


yeah, done. These navigation bar buttons worked for 1 min 5 minutes earlier but later now again not working. try to fix if possible

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