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  1. Win, wait for my message❤ Hehe, welcome poooo
  2. Wrong, try guessing again Wrong, try guessing again
  3. Didn't you won a game hosted by analou? So you have existing shared netflix right now? Am I right?
  4. Hehe yow welcome pooo❤ Please avoid spamming and read the rules of this forum
  5. Holaa! Konichiwa! Anneyeong! Mabuhay! Requirement to join: 1. Don't have any existing shared netflix. 2. Have atleast 30 forum contents GAME Advance Merry Christmas!❤
  6. Requirements 1. Have minimum of 20 forum contents 2. React on this post 3. Have no existing shared netflix How Advance Merry Christmas!❤
  7. Win, wait for my message❤ Thank you po sa lahat ng sumali. Wait niyo nalang po next hahaha bukas nalang ulit G'niiiight❤
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