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(COMPLETED) Win 100 Pesos Gcash - Answer this Logic Grid - Wedding Problem


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Sponsored by: Boss @JiroDavid



  • You need at least 30 contents to join this game. Amount of years married must be in descending order.
  • You can answer again when I quoted you as wrong.


During a reunion high school reunion held this year, 5 girl best friends talked about what have happened to their lives and then they had a topic about their marriages. Upon knowing one another, they realized that they have been married to someone with different jobs in the constructions firm, married at different locations and wedding themes, and they all have been married for different amount of years. Match their names with the correct details.


NAMES: Chuchay, Jenifer, Flora, Malou, Gina
HUSBAND JOBS: engineer, CEO, architect, foreman, laborer
LOCATIONS: museum, beach, church, garden, Mars
THEMES: black and white, emerald and white, emerald and black, emerald and peach, white and peach
AMOUNT OF YEARS MARRIED: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32




     • Malou

     • The one married to a foreman

     • The one married in the museum

     • The one with a black and white wedding theme

     • The one married for 16 years


1. Flora isn't married to a foreman.


2. The one married to the laborer didn't have white in their wedding motif.


3. The CEO and his bride didn't marry with a peach as their theme.


4. One and only one of them has the same initials in her name and the place where they married. That couple have celebrated their crystal wedding anniversary last year.


5. The husband of the one who married at the beach supervises the husband of the one who married at the church. They always work together in the field.


6. The husband of one with a wedding theme of white and emerald work together with the husband of the one with a white and peach wedding theme.


7. The husband of one who married in Mars who is always at his office and the husband of the one who married at the church don't see each other very much in their work.


8. You won't see white in Malou's and Jenifer's wedding motif.


9. Flora and Chuchay doesn't like any shade of green in their wedding motif.


10. The one with emerald and peach wedding theme married more recently than Jenifer and the one who married the CEO.


11. The one with church as wedding location has been married half as much as Chuchay and her husband has been.


12. The one married at the museum has been married longer than the one married to an engineer. However, the one with black and emerald theme has been married longer than her.



1. The one married on Mars has been married for 8 years.

2. Flora is married to an architect and will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary next year. 



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2 minutes ago, JamesNieto said:

Masaet sa ulo hahahahhaa


Keep shering poo

kaya mo yan boss


1 minute ago, sweetchick01 said:

silip lang ako muna.. newbie plg


2 minutes ago, JamesNieto said:



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Just now, Hinata said:

Another stress hahahah salamat sa palaro try ko

yun oh, good luck po!

1 minute ago, Nearsteal said:

Salamat tzuyu and sir jiro!


Just now, Killua_Zoldeck said:

salamat sa palaro idol.

welcome pi

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1 minute ago, K4anubhav said:

this time its more hard as there is no clues for individuals identification

I'll add a hint with that. Wait.

6 minutes ago, SigbinKiAt said:

o my god.. i cant understand the clue's??

Why? what makes it hard to understand? haha

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1 minute ago, Hinata said:

Lods @Tzuyu pwede kahit di inorder?

naka-order po dapat eh hehe, madali lang naman i-order boss

2 minutes ago, melasor said:

thanks for sharing

welcome po

Just now, LeeEunbi said:

Pano po magpa taas ng content?

refer to this link po


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2 minutes ago, JamesNieto said:

I tried  and dumugo na ilong ko no hahahaha

saang part dumugo bro? pwede kong i-translate sa tagalog para sa'yo HAHA

1 minute ago, lnzlrnc said:

Thanks for sharing maam.

welcome po

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Just now, Lisa said:

nice. thankyou for the gam :D

welcome po fellow kpop artist

1 minute ago, JamesNieto said:

Yunh mismong problem po hayhayhays hahahaha 

Good luck po sa mga sasali 

And more pawers benlotusss

Ay weh? awit boss hahahahaha basta mema lang yung problem. yung clues talaga mahalaga dyan

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