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[Competition] Win 300 php Smart or Globe Load - Round 5 (Winner: akosijuni)


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Magandang Araw Mga Kapatid

Gusto ko maglaro ng isang game at lahat ng forums members pwede sumali. Pag kayo nanalo, magbibigay po ako ng 300 pesos GLOBE or Smart.

Madali lang sumali. Mag tatanong ako ng isang tanong, tapos pag tama ang sagot mo, ikaw ang panalo.

Abreviation po ang game natin ngayon. Magbibigay ako ng Abreviation , kayo magsasagot kung ano ang Abreviation na binigay ko. For example,

For Example:

TFNAMIDBNAH -- Together Forever Never Apart, Maybe In Distance But Never At Heart      

 YMMSDTM -- You make me smile despite the miles

Gets nyo na?

Now, ang ipapasagot ko sa inyo ay:


Who ever know what this means first will have 300 php in Load.

Just reply to this topic. Only one WINNER will be chosen. If you're the winner from last round, you can't join on this one. Just wait for the next one.

Good Luck :)


Legit po ito, marami nang winners ! :)

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