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BenLotus Site Features and Tricks


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Hello Everyone!

This topic is a quick guide on how to use BenLotus Discussion Board.

1. BenLotus has a Club Section. You can access BenLotus clubs on the top right of every page and it looks like this.


If you are on a mobile phone, click on the three bar icon on the top right, and then click "Clubs".

BenLotus Club feature is similar to Facebook Group. Any member can create and invite other members. Private Clubs are not shown in the club directory.


2. Tagging. You can tag any member by typing "@" followed by their name. For example @Maximus.


3. Hide Feature. You can hide anything by using the tag below. Anyone who replies to your topic will unlock the hidden content.



4. You can use BenLotus Messenger or Private Chatbox to send private message to other members. We recommend you to use BenLotus Messenger because it is more reliable. BenLotus Private Chatbox is recommended for a quick message, but it is still under testing stage at this moment.


5. In the Chatbox, you can use the command /giphy keyword to access a database of giphy GIF.


6. Online Indicator. You can tell if a member is currently online by checking if there is a yellow circle around their avatar.


7. Themes. You can use different themes of BenLotus by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking "Themes" - However, we do not recommend you to use Google Chrome for any other themes because they are not optimized for it. It is recommended to use the default dark theme for best user experiences.  We are continuing to improve the themes on this site over time.


8. We have Download and Gallery sections for any member who wish to share files and images.


9. Locking/Closing Threads. You can lock your own topic if you have reached 300 posts or more. You can hide your topic if you have 3000 post or more.


10. Ignoring Users. Ignoring a user allows you to block some or all of their content from showing. Users are not notified that you are ignoring them. You can find it under Account Options.



11. Quick Access to emojis. You can find the emoji that you want to post by typing a colon plus the keyword or letter for the emoji (:keyword), a dropdown menu will then show the available emojis. ^_^


Type :apple 




I will add more tips and tricks if anything else comes up in my mind.


Thank you,


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