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[Competition] Get 100 Reputation Points within a week to win 1000php in load or Cash - Game 1


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Hello Members of BenLotus, first of all, thank you for joining our forums.

I see my friend Whiskey, and my brother Hero is rewarding our members for certain action in our forums. I thought about doing the same thing. But beware, my game is harder!

Tonight is August 24, 9:00PM. I have a snapshot of everyone's reputation point. If by the end of August (obviosly August 31 :D), you have increased your reputation points by 100 points, you will win 1000php in load or in cash.



  • You can not create a new account and likes your own post. (if found, you will be disqualify. We can tell who gives you likes and to which post.)
  • Yes, you can tell your friend to likes your post. That's ok.
  • If no winners by next week, the prize will increase, but the next game will have a much harder goal to reach.
  • Only the first one to reach the goal is chosen as the winner. Hero and Whiskey can not join.. Obviously hahaha :P:P

If you have any question, please reply to this topic. Hero should be able to answer your question when I am not around.

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