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Just Another Crossword for fun - Help Each other Solve this.


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There is no PRIZE for this crossword

Let’s have some fun. Try to help each other answer this puzzle. Just reply your answer! :)

If you are a new member of this forums, you may not know the answer! This should be so easy for members who are active here in the last two weeks!


     2    kinain ko ang (blank) na ninakawan ko sa bata. -
     3    Youtube (blank) - PREMIUM
     7    The Winner of Word Search Competition - LUFFYLANGMALAKAS
     10    game of chance - RAFFLE
     12    most benlotus members have (blank) - NETFLIX
     13    premium music - SPOTIFY
     17    default reaction - LOVE
     18    content requirement for SurfShark - HUNDRED
     19    the species of Maks' avatar - CAT
     1    free stuff (blank) -
     4    premium anime - CRUNCHYROLL
     5    Benlotus grouping - CLUB
     6    the color of special member - YELLOW
     8    contents requirement for game hoster - FIFTY
     9    Benlotus free VPN - SURFSHARK
     11    admin's benlotus' name - MAXIMUS
     13    globe and (blank) - SMART
     14    You must reply in order to see - HIDE
     15    reaction per day for new member- TEN
     16    game of knowledge - SMART

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